B-class is the fifth rank obtained by the player inside Super Power Fighting Simulator.

To get B-class, the player needs to reach a Total Power of at least 5 T.

A B-class player will have their power multiplier increased by x3.5 (x35 total) and their token multiplier increased by 1 (x5 total), which grants them about 125 Tokens per minute*.

*It actually considers the currency time, which can be reduced up to 55 seconds through the completion of Goals.

Fact: A B-class player gets 1,719,900,000,000(1.719 T)* per tick by using the 30 T training area in the desert island.

*With 16.38K multiplier in the stats. Higher multipliers will give more per tick.

Badge: B-Class badge is a red shield that has 2 white widened V-shape lines in the center which stop before reaching the badge outline.

Both its badge color and style are shared between C-Class and A-Class.

Aura: The B-class aura is a blue smoke with faint white and red smoke behind it. 136?cb=20200605171517

Check F-Class to have a reference on how to work on this page.

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