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Cryo98 Cryo98 16 June

A lot of new leaks!

If you have been looking at the Leaks page recently, you certainly noticed that it has been quite active these past days.

Not 1, nor 2, but 3 new leaks have been published thanks to the new contributor, luna_chxn!

GamesReborn's team has been working on a rework of the skills, as to both remove bugs and increase performances, and luna has been focusing on this last issue (at least on the graphic side) while also giving wonderful new animations to the skills.

As of now we have 2 skills officialy revealed, and other 2 that might be inside the game, but they were not officially confirmed nor related to any particular skill.

If you want to see what these skills will look like I suggest you to check the Leaks page, as these new models and animation are a wh…

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Cryo98 Cryo98 5 June

SPFS Tournament!

It has been announced by xbutterflies on the Discord server a new and amazing SPFS Tournament Game Night, which will award the top 5 players with actual prizes!

This event will see the participants trying to become as strong as possible in 2 hours of time starting from 0, but there is a catch... No p2w allowed!

This means that whoever participates in the tournament won't be able to access shop, gamepasses and codes, as to make everyone equal.

  • 1 How to participate
  • 2 What the prizes are
  • 3 Rules
  • 4 Useful Links

To take part in this awesome event, you will have to connect to the game "👑 SPFS Tournament" (link at the end of the post) at exactly 6pm EST (11pm UTC) on June 5th.

But beware, only 50 spots are available, therefore you will have to be fast to join if y…

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Cryo98 Cryo98 3 June

News about the June Update!

We finally receive some information regarding the upcoming June Update directly from the developer, GamesReborn, through the #game-announcements channel of the official Discord server.

From what has been said, this update will be mostly a Quality-of-Life update, meaning that there will be a lot of improvements and fixes, but it has been confirmed by Games that there will also be some new content.

Here's the list of some of the improvements that are going to be added, if you prefer to see them yourself when the update comes, I suggest you to stop reading right now...

Still here? Well then:

  • Sorting and Search Item options for the Ancient Items
  • Change Aura option for the Conceal Gamepass
  • Bounty, Killstreak and Reputation will be earnable in the Space Dime…

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ChepHalo ChepHalo 27 May


There Are 2 Main Developers In The Game Spfs (Super Power Fighting Simulator) and those Developers are

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Yeettt'1 Yeettt'1 26 May


a random person

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Cryo98 Cryo98 26 May

GamesReborn's team is hiring!

As the June update is getting closer, a few news have come out regarding the development of the game, some regarding the update itself, but another important one is a chance for all of you programmers out there!

The June update is going to add, other than actual new mechanics to the game, a lot of QoL (Quality-of-Life) changes, which are going to make our experience on SPFS much better.

GamesReborn has been roaming in the #spfs-discussion channel on the official Discord server, asking opinions about possible changes in the game.

So if you want to take a look at what it is going to be added and to maybe also be a part of the future of the game, I suggest you to take a look at the Leaks page, link at the end of the post.

Xbutterflies posted on h…

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Cryo98 Cryo98 15 May

Run of Hell is out!

As announced previously by GamesReborn, the developers have been working on two new small projects, one of which has just been released, Run of Hell!

This new game is a randomized obbi, where the player has to run through multiple stages to reach the trophy.

Like a lot of obbies, reaching higher stages will grant more tokens, with which you will be able to buy both permanent and temporary power-ups.

It might not be one of the most difficult obbies, but it is still quite challenging, and when you get to that final trophy you will feel rewarded for the pain.

Even if this game might not be as convoluted as SPFS, it is still a nice pass time to enjoy with some friends or even by yourself, sa to test your parkour skills, so don't forget to give it a…

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Cryo98 Cryo98 21 April

News from GamesReborn!

Earlier this morning (UTC time zone) GamesReborn (one of the two developers for SPFS) released some clarifications about the lack of news and updates of the last period.

For those of you who are lazy, at the end of the article there is a short list of the news.

  • 1 Updates
  • 2 New Projects
  • 3 Future of SPFS
  • 4 Recap of the News
  • 5 Useful Links

He underlined that they have not stopped working on the game, but they decided to increase the time between each update to a month, independently of the size (at least for the time being, this choice could change).

This choice is due to the fact that the developers decided to take on 2 new projects, on which they will be working in parallel with the developement of SPFS, one smaller that shouldn't take too long, and a bigg…

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Peterhuga Peterhuga 31 March


i got killed with -300 fame sad :((((

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Cryo98 Cryo98 31 March

New Mini Update has dropped!

Did somebody say New Update?

Exactly, a new update (v11.0) has finally been released, and even though it is a minor update, we still got quite some new stuff that will help us along our road to be the strongest superhumans!

This new mini-update gave us what we have all been expecting, and that is a new set of Ancient Items, the overpowered Galaxy set, 3 new Transformations, 3 new skills and the most wanted one... bug fixes for bosses! (Even tho there are a couple of new ones...)

After this, a small info regarding the Discord server.

  • 1 Galaxy Set
  • 2 Transformations
  • 3 Skills
  • 4 Bug Fixes
  • 5 Discord News
  • 6 Useful Links

This new item set is way more powerful than the previous ones!

Currently there is no one that reached the maximum value of the multiplier, but it appear…

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A7KM x Vxdzc A7KM x Vxdzc 16 March

Hard to get 15Sxd

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Peterhuga Peterhuga 28 February



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YasiNxxWolF YasiNxxWolF 26 February

Can a new educator come

  • can a new educator come or is this just a statue.....
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K00gieS K00gieS 26 February

I am noob

  • 1 Lol wus gud wichu bad spelling bad grammar 0 P.R. 0 earning lol.
    • 1.1 Thy my gaming schedule ;) and meh random yes
  • 2 Specific games I play on Roblox cuz why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 3 Where you can reach me

Well lets start off with a weird paragraph because im horrible at Fandom wikis and I am lol in general

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT TALKING ABOUT MEH. So what's up I guess, I am currently trying to learn how to script, I prefer Lua because I am learning to script on Roblox. I like people who dont be toxic and are generally nice in the community, wanna hit me up? you will see that in a bit lol.

My schedule of randomness
ez gaming
ez gaming
Taco Bell, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut the list goes oooonn and ooon and oonnn
lol forget Fortni…

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ChepHalo ChepHalo 20 February



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Cryo98 Cryo98 20 February

Official Date released!

People complained, chaos run amok and speculations grew stronger and stronger...

But finally a ray of light, we have an Official Release Date!.

Around 2AM UTC, xbutterflies posted a message on the Official Discord Server (for sake of precision, inside the #announcements channel) revealing the date of release, paired up with a screenshot from the Outer Space Dimension.

So, in only 8 days from today (February 28th), we will finally be able to explore the Outer Space Dimension, fight strong bosses and much more!

But not only that, we were also given a screenshot from what it appears the main region of the Space Dimension and a couple of info about the requirements for the dimension, so if you want to know more about it and read about speculations, head …

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Peterhuga Peterhuga 15 February

space upd

i think the space upd is going to have new chests bc i need better idems.

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Cryo98 Cryo98 9 February

News about the Update and New (Old) Admin!

Only a week until the possible release date (still remember that this is not an official date but only supposed, so it might be wrong) and a few new informations have been spread around, both from our informers and the official ways.

  • 1 Game - A couple of news
  • 2 Discord server - Event role
  • 3 Wiki - New Admin
  • 4 Useful links

First of all, it appears that the Space Dimension could be on a different gameplace, connected to the normal Super Power Fighting Simulator one through some sort of connection. This has been discovered by one of our informants, and it is possible to check the page for the gameplace by following the link into the useful links*.

The fact that the two gameplaces are separated will help the game to load faster, helping players with less …

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Cryo98 Cryo98 25 January

Space Update & New Leaks

It hasn't been long since the last mini-update (check the previous news article to know more about it), but we finally have some news about the upcoming Space Update!

As confirmed by one of the admins of the Discord Server*, we will probably have to wait until mid-February to experience the space in SPFS, but while this means a long waiting for the Space Update, this could mean that between today and the release there might be another mini-update that fixes most of the major concerns shown by the players.

This means a breath of fresh air for both the Bounty and the Boost Shops, but it might also mean that the end of the Winter Event is getting closer.

This is just a supposition, but given the complaints about the length of this event, which s…

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Dragonfireblast2 Dragonfireblast2 21 January

My Goal

Yeti,Rainbow Fireball,God Items,

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Nientea Nientea 20 January

Am Confused

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Frenkking Frenkking 19 January


Hello readers,

If you know I made a game called: Frenk's difficult chart obby.

It has now over 100 visits and I did the second update.

And in discord i said that I can make a wiki.

Now I made a wiki and I need your help.

(Thank you all for reading this)

If you want to edit my wiki add things post, reply and ask questions we can make the wiki better.

Here is the link:

Thank you all for supporting me.

Do not forget to play my game, like, share and join the discord group(donate if you have enough robux to spend(only 5 robux is too good).

Here is the link of my game:

I created over 10 games and the best one was this game.

Thanks …

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Cryo98 Cryo98 17 January

V6.0 is out!

As most of you probably know, GamesReborn and xbutterflies finally brought out a new update!

But differently from what most hoped, this is not the famous "Space Dimension Update" we were waiting for, but just a small anticipation for the next big update on its way in the form of a mini-update.

This new game version, now v6.0, has brought to us after numerous requests many more main quests, almost 20! We are finally able to have a good talk with our old master Inferno, who will lead us towards the Hydra fusion and the Sky Island, reaching close to the limit of his knowledge, in fact (Spoiler alert, in case you want to go through the quests by yourself) after completing the penultimate quest available (#57) he talks about just one remaining fu…

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Peterhuga Peterhuga 17 January


hello, your the best:)

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Giant Magnetite shelly Giant Magnetite shelly 30 December 2020

wierd deep stuff

why is this so deep.

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Supermoose50 Supermoose50 17 December 2020

Winter event quests



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Nientea Nientea 13 December 2020

Wait how

Just how

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Xstopan Xstopan 7 December 2020

i am hydra

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Nientea Nientea 1 December 2020


I 2/3 of the way to XYZ

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Cryo98 Cryo98 21 November 2020

How to add the Rank badge to your profile

As a lot of people had problems with it, here is a tutorial on how to add your personal Rank badge to your profile.

First thing to know, there are two ways to do it, one where you mostly have to click stuff (in the Visual editor) and one where you have to write stuff (in the Source editor), so try which one you think it is easier for you.

  • 1 Visual Editor (clicky version)
  • 2 Source Editor (writy version)

  1. Go onto your profile,
  2. Click the "edit" button,
  3. Check that you are in "Visual Editor",
  4. Decide where to put it and click on "Insert">"Template",
  5. Search for the "UserClass" template,
  6. Insert your Rank (It needs to follow certain rules, check the end of this article to know which keywords are available),
  7. Add the template to your page.
  8. Save the edit,
  9. Done!

  1. Go on…

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Cryo98 Cryo98 20 November 2020

HTML & Wikitext Lessons

  • 1 Lesson #0: Introduction
  • 2 Lesson #1: Text Formatting - Basics
  • 3 Text formatting
    • 3.1 Basic Formatting
  • 4 Lesson #2: Text formatting - Advanced (COMING SOON)

As I started managing this wiki, I noticed that under the pretty face of the simple to use pages there are a lot of obscure lines of code that I could hardly understand.

Tables, tabbers, span, headers, I started reading about all this stuff, and I slowly started to understand how to work with this mysterious code found inside the source editor.

I'm far from expert, I'd even say I'm still at the very beginning of it, but as I'm learning I would like to try to bring with me those who are curious about this stuff, and maybe seeing their work in the future, as they make this wiki or others even better…

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Nientea Nientea 17 November 2020

Blog Post

This is called a blog post. Use them or feed instead of flexing on random pages.

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Nientea Nientea 18 October 2020

Infinite coins

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Themystery2000 Themystery2000 14 September 2020

Update idea

XYZ+ rank

requires: 75Spd stats XYZ rank

New fusion: Godzilla

requires: XYZ rank 5Ocd stats

stat boost: x5,000,000,000

12 gems / min

New tier 3 Nether chest

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