Boosts are temporary power-ups that players can buy to increase their luck, power and currencies (when an event is available).

Boosts were first introduced in v3.0, and can be bought from the Shop Menu for robux, obtained through Anubis' Quests or by killing Bosses, or can be bought at the Boost Shop on Robot Island. Some boosts can also be gained using certain codes.

When a boost is obtained, the duration of the effect will stack with previous boosts, while it won't stack the effect (so two x2 power boosts won't make the total boost x4) unless the player has applied another effect from a different source (i.e. Weekend Event, Upgrades etc.).

N.B. Boosts DO SAVE if you leave.


This is a list of all the boosts currently available (v11.0) and their prices for both the Shop Menu and the Boost Shop.

It is also possible to obtain random 15 minutes boosts from the completion of Desert Quests (approximately 10%, further research is needed) or obtain boosts for killing one of the 3 Bosses, with the duration varying with luck (there is a small chance for a longer boost) and with the difficulty of the boss.

(For more info regarding the boosts dropped by each boss, please check their correspective sections in the Enemies page).

Icon Description Cost
x2 Power from training! Shop Menu

Robux Icon.png99 (15 Minutes)
Robux Icon.png199 (1 Hour)
Robux Icon.png399 (5 Hours)

Boost Shop
25MGem Icon.png
(1 Hour, 20/day)

x2 Luck from Chests!

(Only for ancient items with drop rate)*

Shop Menu

Robux Icon.png99 (15 Minutes)
Robux Icon.png199 (1 Hour)
Robux Icon.png399 (5 Hours)

Boost Shop
25MGem Icon.png
(1 Hour, 20/day)


Removed Boosts

These boosts are those that were available at some point in the game but got removed.

List of Removed Boosts
Icon Description
x2 Golden Gifts reward (+5/gift)
x2 Santa Quests reward (+15 minutes/gift)
Free Festive Chests (+15 minutes/gift)
x2 Winter Tokens earned!
Halloween tokens.png
x5 Halloween Tokens earned!
+1 Life (when killed Reputation, Killstreak and Bounty are not lost)


  • Boosts were initially available only as a reward from Reaper's Quests or by buying them with robux, but were later made available in the Boost Shop and through Anubis' Quests.
  • Boosts initially required Tokens to be bought, with x5 Halloween Tokens and x2 Luck being the most expensive (400k Tokens Icon.png) and x2 Power being the least expensive (125k Tokens Icon.png).
  • The Life boost was deemed overpowered and too beneficial for users that could afford it, and was therefore removed shortly after being implemented.
  • During the Winter Event it was possible to obtain, by performing different actions, objects called Secret Gifts, which when used gave special boosts useful for the event. These gifts are still usable, but they won't activate any boost.
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