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If you were looking for the article about the Bounty Tokens (Currency), then see Bounty Tokens.

Bounty is a game mechanic added in the v2.0 update.

This mechanic works in a similar way to that of Reputation, therefore it requries you to hunt players with a bounty set on them to get that as a reward for the kill.

A bounty is given to someone that kills any player, but the bounty given depends on the player killed, following the next formula:


  • is the bounty of the killed player
  • is the killstreak of the killed player

Killing a player with a bounty will reward you with Bounty Tokens, which can be used to buy Tokens, Gems, Ancient Item chests, Boosts or Transformations inside the Bounty Shop.

The 100 players with the highest bounty are shown in the leaderboard (Top Bounties section) of the Bounty menu.

To make the hunt for bounties more easier there exists a gamepass, the Bounty Hunter gamepass, which allows you to enter into the server of any player that you write the name of into the Hunt section in the Bounty menu.