Chests refer to the big chests that appear on each island/planet. These chests contain a variable amount of tokens and may be opened every 7 hours.

All islands and planets have one chest each, with the exceptions of the Main Island, with both the Golden Chest and Group Chest, as well as the Space City with both the Space Chest and Space Group Chest.

If players collect all the chests accessible to them, they will receive tokens from 8.5K Tokens Icon.png (F-Class) to 101.5K Tokens Icon.png (Omni Rank).

Players who collect chests 3 times per day are able to collect a total amount of tokens starting from 25.5K Tokens Icon.png/day (F-Class) up to 304.5K Tokens Icon.png/day (Omni Class), without transformation boosts.

Earth Dimension Outer Space Dimension
Chest (Location) Tokens Chest (Location) Tokens
Golden Chest
(Main Island)
1K Tokens Icon.png Space Chest
(Space City)
2.5K Tokens Icon.png
Group Chest
(Main Island)
2.5K Tokens Icon.png Space Group Chest
(Space City)
5K Tokens Icon.png
Mirage Chest
(Desert Island)
5K Tokens Icon.png Forest Chest
(Corrupted Forest)
6.25K Tokens Icon.png
Deep Sea Chest
(Lost Sea Island)
7.5K Tokens Icon.png Frozen Chest
(Glacial Outpost)
8.75K Tokens Icon.png
Robot Chest
(Robot Island)
10K Tokens Icon.png Magma Chest
(Volcanic Ruins)
15K Tokens Icon.png
Ninja Chest
(Ninja Island)
15K Tokens Icon.png
Sky Chest
(Sky Island)
5K - 23K Tokens Icon.png*
*Based on the rank


There are 4 Transformations that increase the amount of tokens gained by the chests:

These transformations allow to increase the maximum amount of tokens earned for each round of collection (considering Omni rank) up to:

  • 111,650 Tokens Icon.png with Santa (increase of 10,150 Tokens Icon.png)
  • 121,800 Tokens Icon.png with Frostooth (increase of 20,300 Tokens Icon.png)
  • 126,875 Tokens Icon.png with Golden Guardian (increase of 25,375 Tokens Icon.png)
  • 131,950 Tokens Icon.png with Festive Valkyrie (increase of 30,450 Tokens Icon.png)


  • The look of the chests has been revamped with game version 5.0 (Winter Update), going from a simpler look to a more detailed one.
  • After v5.0, the Robot Chest replaced the Prison Chest from the Prison Island, together with the whole island being replaced by the Robot Island.
  • With game version 10.0 the Sky Chest has been nerfed, as previously the increase of the loot for each rank was 1.5K Tokens Icon.png instead of only 1K.
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