Dragon is the eighth and final Fusion available to the player as of v11.0.

To fuse with this mythical creature, the player is required to have reached Ruler of Time Rank and to have obtained a total power of 240NoD.

Reaching the Dragon fusion allows the player to fight against the boss of the Volcanic Ruins, Volcagon.

Power Ups

When the player fuses with the Dragon, all stats and the rank are reset and the player is teleported inside the Laboratory, with a fusion multiplier increased by 100 (x2B→200B) and an increase of the gem multiplier (x8→x9).

Once fused with the Dragon, the player gains access to the Dragon Ruler transformation, which allows the player to gain 15 times more than the normal training all the time (making it the strongest transformation based on fusions).

When the player has fused with the Dragon, they are able to train in the 63 Vg Training Zone before reaching the next milestone in the training (Universe Ruler rank).


The Dragon has two horns, red eyes, red belly, small red wings, red spikes on his shoulders, whilst everything else is black and scaly.

The Dragon's wings are the same as hydra, with 2 heads but red and black. The Dragon has a small pet in the form of a serpent with a draconic head, which curls up on the back of the dragon, with its head above the left shoulder of the Dragon.


  • The transformation unlocked by fusing with the Dragon is the only one with a different name from their fusion, as it is called "Dragon Ruler" instead of only "Dragon".
  • Even if the transformation is the strongest overall for the fusion, during the night the Reaper transformation is stronger, so a really active player could reach a mean multiplier of x15.5 if they are active enough to switching between the two continuously.
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