E-Class is the second Rank that a player can achieve, and the first one requiring a certain amount of total power.

To reach E-Class it is necessary that the player hoarded at least 1 M total power, after which it is possible to rank-up through the Upgrade Menu.

Reaching this rank will reset all the stats, while also increasing the power obtained while training (stats multiplier) and the number of tokens gained each minute (tokens multiplier) by 2, leading to a total stat multiplier of x2 and a total tokens gain of 50 Tokens Icon.png/min.

After ranking-up, the player will be teleported in front of the Laboratory, while also be awarded with the E-Class Roblox badge.


The badge representing the E-Class is a light blue shield with two horizontal white lines in the middle that stops before reaching the border of the badge itself.

This class shares the same badge colours as the F-Class and the D-Class.


E-Class is the first rank in which an aura appears.

This aura is a faint white vapor-like smoke coming out from the whole body.


  • An E-Class player cannot be killed by players with a rank higher than C-Class*
  • An E-Class will mostly use the 5 M training zone (Meteorite, Factory and Golden Tree) before being able to rank-up to D-Class
  • Only about 14% of players actually make it to E-Class

*Still needs proof

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