F-Class is the first Rank obtained by the pIayer when they join the game for the first time.

Joining the game will award the player with the F-Class badge.

An F-Class player will have an initial multiplier of x1, this means that he will gain the base amount of tokens (25 each minute) and while training there won't be any boost granted by the rank, plus the player won't show any aura.

It is possible to reach F-Class again after Fusion, which resets both stats and rank of the player.


The badge representing the F-Class is a light blue shield with an horizontal white line in the middle that stops before reaching the border of the badge itself.

This class shares the same badge colors as the E-Class and the D-Class.


  • An F-Class player cannot be killed by players with a rank higher than C-Class*
  • The F-Class is the only rank that has no aura.

A player is using conceal aura

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