The Fire Blade is one of the Legendary items you can get from the Elemental Set, which was added in update v2.0. It is one of the 9 Ancient Items obtainable from the Elemental Chest.

The Fire Blade has a base probability of 28% (approximately 1 in 4 chests). Its selling price is 35 Gem Icon.png.

The high probability of obtaining this item means that a player has to open about 3 chests to get a Fire Blade with a 50% chance.

Base probabilities of obtaining the ancient item in chests
Chance Number of chests
50% ~3*
75% ~5*
90% ~8*
99% ~15*
99.9% ~22*
99.99% ~29*

*The actual values depend on the player's total luck.

To increase the grade of this item, it requires an amount of copies based on its rarity:

Grade Copies Multiplier
Ancient 1 x1.5
Infinity 10 x1.9
Godly 20 x2.3
Mythical 50 x2.7
Divine 100 x3.1


The Fire Blade is part of the "Swords/Spears" class, therefore it is a close-range weapon that is used by the player to slash or pierce the enemy. While using it, the weapon leaves a yellow trail from the sword blade (or the flame).

Grade Damage
Ancient 164%
Infinity 164%
Godly 168%
Mythical 168%
Divine 172%


The Fire Blade has its grip made out of fire wood material, with the total of 6 yellow rings. The bottom end of the blade's grip has something that looks like fire.

The top end of the grip is attached with a yellow guard and the fire blade. The blade itself is completely made out of fire.

There is no particle or at least very few of them.


  • The model for the Fire Blade up until v10.0 is turned with the sharp edge towards the player. This is probably due to an error caused by the fact that the image for the blade is upside down compared to other items.
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