Frostooth Quests are event Quests from the Frostooth questline and given by the NPC Frostooth, a non-playable character added as the main quest giver for the Winter Event (v5.0 - On-going).

There are a total of 30 Frostooth Quests, and every 10 quests the player is awarded with a special reward and a badge.

The quests reward the player with Tokens, awarding the player a total of 5,242,500 Tokens Icon.png.

List of Frostooth Quests

The Frostooth Quests are limited, and as such they grant unique rewards, which are:

Frostooth Quests
The Frostooth inside the ice castle at the Winter Island provides players with the Frostooth questline shown below:
Quest Number Quest Requirements Quest Rewards
1 1K WinterToken.png

1 Winter Chest opened

2.5K Tokens Icon.png
2 2.5K WinterToken.png

5 Winter Chests opened

5K Tokens Icon.png
3 5K WinterToken.png

1 Rare Winter Item

10K Tokens Icon.png
4 Elf transformation

3 Rare Winter Items

15K Tokens Icon.png
5 25K WinterToken.png

100 Winter Chests opened

20K Tokens Icon.png
6 35K WinterToken.png

10 Epic Winter Items

25K Tokens Icon.png
7 50K WinterToken.png

1 Snowflake Axe

30K Tokens Icon.png
8 75K WinterToken.png

3 Snowflake Axes

40K Tokens Icon.png
9 100K WinterToken.png

1 Scythe of Winter

45K Tokens Icon.png
10 Reindeer transformation

2 Scythes of Winter

50K Tokens Icon.png

Frostooth transformation

11 150K WinterToken.png

3 Scythes of Winter

55K Tokens Icon.png
12 200K WinterToken.png

1 Frostooth Scythe

60K Tokens Icon.png
13 300K WinterToken.png

3K Winter Chests opened

65K Tokens Icon.png
14 450K WinterToken.png

4K Winter Chests opened

70K Tokens Icon.png
15 600K WinterToken.png

2 Frostooth Scythe

75K Tokens Icon.png
16 800K WinterToken.png

7.5K Winter Chests opened

80K Tokens Icon.png
17 Snowman transformation

1 Festive Scythe

85K Tokens Icon.png
18 1.5M WinterToken.png

12.5K Winter Chests opened

90K Tokens Icon.png
19 2M WinterToken.png

2 Celestial Winter Items

95K Tokens Icon.png
20 2.5M WinterToken.png

3 Festive Scythes

100K Tokens Icon.png

Icicle Barrage skill

21 4M WinterToken.png

1 Festive Axe

125K Tokens Icon.png
22 6M WinterToken.png

8 Celestial Winter Items

175K Tokens Icon.png
23 8.5M WinterToken.png

2 Festive Axes

225K Tokens Icon.png
24 Festive Ninja transformation

50K Winter Chests opened

275K Tokens Icon.png
25 20M WinterToken.png

4 Festive Axes

325K Tokens Icon.png
26 30M WinterToken.png

1 God Winter Item

400K Tokens Icon.png
27 50M WinterToken.png

2 God Winter Items

450K Tokens Icon.png
28 70M WinterToken.png

1 Festive Ruler's Dualblade

500K Tokens Icon.png
29 90M WinterToken.png

250K Winter Chests opened

750K Tokens Icon.png
30 Festive Ruler transformation

500K Winter Chests opened

1M Tokens Icon.png

Frost Breath skill

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