Players who reach S-Class in Super Power Fighting Simulator unlock the Fusion upgrade option in the Upgrade menu.

Fusions provide players with a permanent multiplier that stacks with other multipliers in-game.

In exchange for the multiplier, the player's rank and stats are reset to F-Class and to 0 Power respectively. However, they retain the stat multipliers and the reputation they had before the fusion. As a result, players gain stats at a significantly faster rate. Players also unlock a transformation for every fusion they have fused with.

Together with the increase of the multiplier, fusing will increase the number of gems a player gains each minute.

When a player fuses, a blue server-wide announcement in the chat window appears in the following format:

[Username] just fused with the Mythical [Fusion] and gained unimaginable power, congratulations!


As of v11.0, a total 8 fusions are available to the player, spanning requirements strating from 5 Sx (Sextillion) up to 240 Nod (Novemdecillion).

Table of Fusions
Fusion Transformation Fusion Name Power Boost Power Required Rank Required Gems Multiplier
Werewolf.png Werewolf x25 5 Sx S-Class x2 Gem Icon.png
Minotaur.png Minotaur x500 2 Oc SS-Class x3 Gem Icon.png
Gryphon.png Gryphon x10K 300N SSS-Class x4 Gem Icon.png
Phoenix.png Phoenix x250K 7 Ud X-Class x5 Gem Icon.png
Yeti.png Yeti x5M 500 Dd Y-Class x6 Gem Icon.png
Hydra.png Hydra x100M 20 Qua Z-Class x7 Gem Icon.png
ReaperTransformation.png Reaper x2B 15 Sxd XYZ-Class x8 Gem Icon.png
DragonLeakImage.png Dragon x200B 240 Nod Ruler of Time x9 Gem Icon.png


  • The multiplier for each fusion increases by x20 or x25 times from the previous one, except between Reaper and Dragon, where the multiplier increases by 100.
  • The biggest gap in power requirement between two fusions is x16B (Reaper → Dragon), while the smallest gap is ~x23K (Gryphon → Phoenix).
  • The biggest gap in power requirement between a fusion and the required class is x30K (Ruler of Time → Dragon), while the smallest gap is x750 (SSS-Class → Gryphon), making therefore Gryphon the easiest fusion to obtain, and Dragon the hardest one.
  • The biggest gap in power requirement between a fusion and the next class is x62.5K (Dragon → Universe Ruler), while the smallest gap is x6 (Yeti → Z-Class).
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