These are the following gamepasses for Super Power Fighting Simulator. These are the prices when they aren't discounted/on sale.

List of Gamepasses

Currently Available Gamepasses

Name Description Price Image
Conceal Power Allows you to conceal your power and disguise as a noob! You will be able to conceal your aura, your rank icon above your name as well as your name to anything that you desire! 399 Robux Icon.png Conceal Power.png
VIP Gives 1,000 Tokens & 5000 Gems every 15 minutes, double rewards from codes and a VIP Chat Tag! 399 Robux Icon.png VIP.png
Auto Train Allows you to train strength/endurance automatically! 199 Robux Icon.png Auto Train.png
Bounty Hunter Allows you to join any player in game and hunt them down for their bounty! 199 Robux Icon.png Bounty Hunter.png
Multi Chest Open 3 chests at once! 599 Robux Icon.png Multi Chest.png
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