"You earn gems from training, quests, chests around the map, codes and more or from the shop for Robux! Use gems to unlock rare Ancient Items and more!

—In-game description of Gems

Gem Icon

Gems are one of the main currencies in Super Power Fighting Simulator that the player gains every minute*, mainly used to buy Ancient Items, Transformations and Boosts. *Affected by the currency time boost from the Token Goals

The amount of Gems gained each minute is affected by:

Sources of Gems


The number of gems the player gains starts at 500 Gem Icon.png/min, but it increases based on their Fusion, as each fusion increases the multiplier for the Gems by 1.

Gems based on fusion
Fusion Gems Gain
No fusion 500 Gem Icon.png/min
Werewolf 1,000 Gem Icon.png/min
Minotaur 1,500 Gem Icon.png/min
Gryphon 2,000 Gem Icon.png/min
Phoenix 2,500 Gem Icon.png/min
Yeti 3,000 Gem Icon.png/min
Hydra 3.500 Gem Icon.png/min
Reaper 4,000 Gem Icon.png/min
Dragon 4,500 Gem Icon.png/min


Other than fusions, it is also possible to increase the Gem gain by equipping some Transformations. Here is a table hosting all the transformations that multiply the Gems gained.

Main Transformations
Transformation Gem Multipliers
Ninja x1.25 Gem Icon.png
Buff Noob x1.75 Gem Icon.png
Gem Guardian x3 Gem Icon.png

(x1.25 Gem Icon.png from Mini Chests, stacks)

Forgotten Knight x2.5 Gem Icon.png
Shadow Lord x4 Gem Icon.png
Forgotten Dragon x6 Gem Icon.png
Void Emperor x7 Gem Icon.png
Sciborg x6 Gem Icon.png
Eternal Lord x10 Gem Icon.png
Winter Transformations
Transformation Gem Multiplier
Elf x1.6 Gem Icon.png
Reindeer x2.5 Gem Icon.png
Snowman x3.5 Gem Icon.png
Festive Ninja x8 Gem Icon.png
Festive Ruler x12.25 Gem Icon.png
Festive Valkyre x7.5 Gem Icon.png
Frostbite Knight x10 Gem Icon.png
Ice Golem x13.5 Gem Icon.png
Peppermint Penguin x17.5 Gem Icon.png
Festive Spirit x22.5 Gem Icon.png
Almighty Ruler x27.5 Gem Icon.png
Halloween Transformations
Transformation Gem Multiplier
Demon x1.5 Gem Icon.png
Dark Knight x2 Gem Icon.png
Halloween Lord x4 Gem Icon.png
Skelemancer x10.31 Gem Icon.png
Hellfire Skeleton x12.5 Gem Icon.png
The Sinister One x18 Gem Icon.png
Celestial Overlord x25 Gem Icon.png
Pumpkin God x37.5 Gem Icon.png

Goal Boosts

Both the Token Goals and the Time Played goals will increase the amount of gems a player can obtain based on the level they have reached.

Token Goals
Level Boost
Expert -1 s (+1.69%)
Pro -2 s (+3.45%)
Champion -3 s (+5.26%)
Legend -4 s (+7.14%)
God -5 s (+9.09%)
Time Played Goals
Level Boost
Expert x1.05 (+5%)
Pro x1.1 (+10%)
Champion x1.15 (+15%)
Legend x1.2 (+20%)
God x1.25 (+25%)

Other ways to obtain Gems

Gems are also obtainable through random Mini Chests spawned throughout all the map, but the amount of chests that is collectible is limited to 19 each day, giving a total of 47.5K Gem Icon.png (it is although affected by Fusion, Transformation and Time Played boost).

Another way to obtain Gems is to buy them when they are available inside the Bounty Shop. The amount of Gems purchasable varies from 50K to 200K.

Finally, it is possible to receive Gems as a reward for the Lost Sea Island Quests (questline given by Poseidon), reaching a total of 16.705M Gem Icon.png.


Gems can be used to purchase three different type of things:


The transformations that can be bought with Gems have high Gem multipliers compared to other Transformations of the Main category, and a decent power multiplier.

Ancient Items' Chests

Inside the Upgrade Shop it is possible to purchase different Chests with Gems, each one containing Ancient Items from a different set.

  • Basic Chest - 150 Gem Icon.png
  • Void Chest - 300 Gem Icon.png
  • Elemental Chest - 450 Gem Icon.png
  • Alien Chest - 600 Gem Icon.png
  • Light & Dark Chest - 750 Gem Icon.png
  • Galaxy Chest - 1250 Gem Icon.png
  • Halloween Chest - 2.5K Gem Icon.png
  • Winter Chest - 5K Gem Icon.png


If the player has reached SS-Class, it is possible for them to access the Boost Shop, which allows the players to buy 1h boosts for 25M Gem Icon.png (limited at 20/day).

The boosts available are:

  • x2 Winter Tokens Boost
  • x2 Luck boost
  • x2 Power boost


  • With v3.5, the number of Gems obtained by the player multiplied by 100, this was retroactive, so all the Gems obtained by the player during their playtime were multiplied, and the amount was added to their Gems.
  • Before the x100 Gem Update, many things connected with the Gems had different values:
    • The amount of gems the player gained each minute was of 5 each minute, and each Fusion added 1 to that.
    • Most of the transformations didn't multiply gems.
    • The Ancient Items' Chests cost increased by only 50 for each grade, instead of 150.
    • Boosts were only purchasable with Tokens.
    • Mini Chests gave 50 times less.
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