The Group Chest is one of the Chests from which the player can collect Tokens and that are placed on each island/planet.

This chest is located in the spawn building on the Main Island, to the left of Inferno next to the Golden Chest.

Every 7 hours, like with all the other chests, it is possible to collect the loot from it, granting to the player 2,500 Tokens Icon.png.

Position of the Group Chest (red circle) on Ninja Island.

To access this chest you must join the GamesReborn Group.


While the amount of tokens that is granted is fixed, the player can increase it by equipping different Transformations:

Transformations that increase the value of the Chests
Transformation Tokens Increase
Santa 2,750 Tokens Icon.png 250 Tokens Icon.png
Frostooth 3,000 Tokens Icon.png 500 Tokens Icon.png
Golden Guardian 3,125 Tokens Icon.png 625 Tokens Icon.png
Festive Valkyrie 3,250 Tokens Icon.png 750 Tokens Icon.png


  • The chest design has changed after v5.0
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