Halloween Event was an event introduced 17th October 2020 in v3.0 as an event to celebrate Halloween. This event introduceed the currency Halloween Tokens, which could be used to buy transformations, chests, etc.

Halloween Island

The Halloween Island consisted of 2 Easter Eggs, a new NPC, an Event Leaderboard, and the Halloween Chest.

Ancient Items

The following Quests were able to grant transformations and skills:



Ancient Items

The following Chests were able to be purchased with Halloween Tokens:

  • Halloween Chest: 100 Halloween Tokens

This chest can hatch the following:

Halloween Leaderboard

The leaderboard for this event counted the total amount of Halloween Tokens you earned during the event itself. When the event was concluded, the various players that made it on the leaderboard got a special transformation based on their position:


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