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If you prefer to not know anything before the actual update happens, We suggest you to wait until:

Second week of February[1][2]


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Old Leaks

This is a list of leaks that have been already added to the game.

Space Update

20 February 2021

With the official announcement of the release date for the Space Update (click here for more info about it), xbutterflies shown an overview of a city inside the Outer Space Dimension, and from which we can extrapolate a few info.

Image of the Space City (not official name).

Before diving into the analysis, after publishing this image also announced that the minimum rank required to enter the Space Dimension would be Gryphon (link to the announcement), but that the player would be able to visit all the areas of it only after reaching the Reaper fusion (link to the message).

Now for the analysis, first of all we can see a Gym in the left corner, and inside it we can see red and blue plates, which could be training zones for Endurance and Strength (which could mean new colours for each stat, instead of the usual red, green and pink), but looking close to the windows we can see some treadmills.

Those might be just aesthetic, but by looking closely it is possible to see a yellow line on the ground around the two closest to the door, a colour that doesn't really match the rest of the gym, so could it be that we will finally have speed training zones?

In the middle of the picture it is possible to see a very big portal with a spiraling galaxy effect to it, so it is very likely that this portal will be the one connecting this dimension to the Earth Dimension, meaning that what we are seeing in this picture is similar to the Main Island on Earth, so the central place from which start our adventure in the Outer Space Dimension.

Slightly on the right of the portal it is also possible to see a purple portal, which will probably lead to other planets, and looking at the colour of the trees matching the colour of the portal it could be a forest planet.

Seeing how it is not aligned with the road and how big the space is in that section of the city, there could be other portals beside it, 2 or 3 perhaps.

Another thing that draws the attention is the huge arena behind the gym. Considering the fact that bosses have been confirmed, that arena will probably host a boss fight, but the fact that it is inside what appears to be the main island could mean that that arena could also host possible future event bosses.

Finally, seeing how both the arena and the portal have signs that will tell the player what that is, we can assume that the red building at the end of the road could be another important building.

Finally from this perspective it is possible to estimate the size of the island, which appears to be a bit larger than the Main Island on Earth.

N.B. these are all speculations based on what can be seen in the image, and therefore might be wrong.

19 February 2021

This weekend will probably see the Space Update brought to life, but meanwhile xbutterflies has shown the new and improved "Fire Giant" (Not official name).

Magma Boss.png

The improvements brought speak miles about the commitment the Developers (and the Contributors, also fundamental for Super Power Fighting Simulator) are giving to the development of this new update.

So prepare your skills and your friends, and be ready to fight this and many other enemies in the next exciting update :)

16 February 2021

The official artist for the icons of SPFS, i5k, has recently published the new icon commissioned by GamesReborn, and what we can see is really interesting...

New icon for the Space Update

As you can see, this icon represents a dragon, but it is definitely different from the version that the player will be able to transform into.

Looking at it, the appearance might resemble something closer to a boss, so could it be that, to actually fuse with the dragon, you would have to defeat it?

Or this could be something completely different from fusion, because as Inferno (the main NPC) said in one of his last quests, Reaper should be the last fusion...

Only a few days to wait, and then we will finally know, so see you soon into space :)

5 February 2021

This time we have an official leak! Differently from the old ones, this leak has been published by GamesReborn himself both through his twitter and on the #game-announcements channel in the official Discord server, and this is definitely something juicy!

At less than 2 weeks from the update (Given that the time of release is confirmed between the 15th and 18th of February), the Developer gives us a glimpse of the dangers we will encounter.

Fire golem.gif

Here it is, the Fire Giant! (Not the official name)

It seems that our Ice Giant will have a more "hot-headed" cousin that we will have to face, could they be related in any way? We will have to see.

But Games, other than showing this new creature, said this:

"The Outer Space Dimension update is coming to Super Power Fighting Simulator very soon! Get ready to enter this new dimension which will feature many enemies and bosses to fight..."
- GamesReborn -

From this we can confirm that the official name for the dimension will be Outer Space Dimension, but we can also see that Games talks about both bosses and enemies.

Could that mean that we won't have to face only bosses, but other kinds of adversities like mobs? This update will probably bring a whole new look on how we see fighting in Super Power Fighting Simulator, so fasten your seatbelts and be ready to launch towards this next big update!

Link to the tweet:

27 January 2021

And just like so, another leak appears on the chats of the Discord server (if you are not yet a part of it, what are you waiting for? just click → this link).

As we leaked at the beginning of November (no need to thank us, but yeah no problem :) ) Bosses will be added to the game (confirmed by GamesReborn himself in this announcement), but no one had a look at what a possible boss could look like, at least up until now...

Say hi to the Ice Giant! (Not the official name)


SPFS leaks

One of new bosses for the Space Update.

*Video courtesy of 145asd2

This new boss might still be a draft, at least by watching the attack animation, so hopefully we will get different cool looking attacks when the actual update will be released!

By the video we can see the Winter theme still going on, so could this be the legendary thief of the Santa Sack? And the weapon it is using, could that be a new ancient item that will be dropped by it?

We have still some time to wait, but it seems that GamesReborn and xbutterflies are going to give us a lot of new interesting stuff.

25 January 2021

It has been more than a month since the major Winter Update and the beginning of the Winter Event, more than a month without news regarding the theorized "Space Update", but after this major silence, we finally have new leaks!

And this time not only one or two, but 4 different things have been spoiled for us, and that is the next fusion and 3 new ranks!

As said in the second leak on this wiki, the new fusion will be the Dragon, a creature that has spread its myth all around the globe. This time although we can have a first look at its appearance.

The appearance of the Dragon fusion as shown in the Transformations menu.

While the wings are the same of the Hydra, the body is completely different and much more dragonish than its blue counterpart.

And finally, the three ranks have been leaked through the badges of the game!

This new ranks will be:

  • Universe Ruler
  • Multiverse Ruler
  • Omni

It seems that Games will follow the same direction given by the three last ranks, were the number of fusions is much less compared to the number of ranks (1 every 3), but these ranks sets one and for all the space theme for the next update.

Badges from the game page.

As you can see, another un-named badge appears at the top of the list, so it seems like we will have a new surprise from the Developers, but only time will tell.

Let us know what do you think of these new ranks and fusion in Discussions, but remember to mark the title as "SPOILER" so to not ruin the other users experience of the update.

08 November 2020

A leak about what the next update has been found, in the next update or some time after that we could see a Space Dimension added, with new training zones and chest, and probably even some bosses.

The informations we have are only partial, but there are rumors that Ancient Items will be majorly involved in this Boss fights.

Screenshot from a Roblox Developers forum

15 November 2020

A new leak has appeared!

Our informant found deep inside the code of the game itself something interesting about the new mega update.

As some found strange that in the last update GamesReborn added three new ranks and only one fusion, seems like the game creator had actually plans for another stronger fusion after Reaper, a fusion called "Dragon".

Image of the code that shows the Dragon promotion

Might have been that the Halloween event took too much time to implement, and there wasn't the chance to fully implement the next fusion, so we will probably see this name in the next big update planned by GamesReborn in Novemeber.

Winter Update

12 December 2020

The wait for the new update is getting closer and closer to an ending.

Today we don't have a real leak, but just an image from the test server, where finally the moderators were able to test the new update and its features, so hope you all are ready for this new exciting update that will hit spfs like a storm.

GamesReborn, Xbutterflies and Myth inside the Test Server.

11 December 2020

Here's another image leak that xbutterflies posted in the GamesReborn Discord server!

Santa Claus, with a present sack and reindeer decorations present.
Santa Claus, backgrounded version.

Santa Claus as a transformation? Seems highly likely that it is at first glance, but no guarantees until the update is released.

10 December 2020

This time around we don't have one, but three new leaks!

First things first then, the SPFS Test Server (visible in the favorite games of GamesReborn) has changed icon two times, revealing a hooded figure with wings, perhaps an acquaintance of Inferno?

First version of the icon for the SPFS Test Server

Updated icon for the SPFS Test Server

After this change, GamesReborn himself shared a screenshot on the Discord Server that shows a new grade for Ancient Items called "Special".

In the upper part of the image, the item with "Special" grade

This new grade might be connected to the Christmas Event, and as far as speculations go it could be an item that only requires 1 copy to reach its max multiplier, but with lower chances than the God items.

And finally, it has been confirmed by the original name of the file that the newly leaked "Currency" is in fact a new Ancient Item, the common Endurance with all chances, as the name was originally "commonitem2".

It is not the first time that an item rarity has been changed before the update itself (for example, Blade of Doom was considered to be a celestial by the Devs, before being set as the legendary for the Light&Dark chest), so it is not confirmed that this item will actually be the common Endurance item, but the probabilities are very high.

7 December 2020

As we are getting closer and closer to the update (and the festivities), xbutterflies posted two new images on the GamesReborn Discord server for a brief moment before deleting them. The image leaks are shown below.

Winter Update Leaked Images
Red and green coloured chest with Christmas decorations on the top and corners.

From a first glance, the image on the left suggests it is the new currency symbol. However, the details on the symbol are far more intricate in comparison to the previous currencies. Along with the lack of confirmation from the developers themselves, there is a very slight chance that it could be something different.

As for the image on the right, it doesn't take much to figure out that this is one of, if not the only upcoming ancient item chest. Details of the price and contents are unknown - The only exception is the festive scythe ancient item from a previous leak.

Only time will tell what they truly are, so be prepared for the biggest update so far in the history of SPFS.

5 December 2020

As the winter update closes in, Txmpest_Dev (on of the developers that helps GamesReborn) has given us a little sneak peek of the name for one of the new ancient items!

Notification on the #item-notifications channel on GamesReborn's discord server

Will this new "Festive Scythe" be a legendary item, a celestial one, or even a god item? We will have to wait just a bit longer to know.

1 December 2020

Xbutterflies seems to be full of leaks for us these days. Here's another image leak she posted on the discord server.

Reindeer Transformation or NPC?

A new Reindeer model has appeared! A new fusion or an NPC? We will know only when the new big update comes.

Stay updated by referring to this page from time to time for more leaks.

29 November 2020

So far, so good. Here's another leak to keep your minds buzzing.

Winter Update Leak -2.png

25 November 2020

Most, if not all of the SPFS playerbase are eagerly waiting for the winter update. Here's a leaked image to stir up your thoughts...

Santa (5) and Elf (6)

An image posted in the GamesReborn Discord server by xbutterflies shortly before being deleted.

23 November 2020

This time, a feature requested by many players will finally reach the SPFS universe...

Since the update v1.8 3 months ago, people asked more from the Ancient Items than just being mere collectibles that gave a boost, and the day when this changes will come soon...

Say hi to the first video of the models for the Ancient Items!


It appears that we will be able to fight bosses with our own weapons that we struggled so much to obtain.

How will they work?

Will they have special attacks?

Does the grade of the item change anything?

We will have to wait for the update itself to know for sure all of this, but meanwhile we can start to fantasize about titanic battles against bosses with our most beloved weapons.

P.s. as to show that this is not just a video, but a feature that is being added right now in the game, here's the model for Satan's Trident directly from the Roblox site.


  1. (This date may be incorrect or outdated at any moment, admins and moderators will take care to update this date as new informations come from the Developer, the Manager or the helping team).
  2. Source:
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