The Lost Sea Island is an island which has training zones with higher multipliers than the Desert Island and the Main/Spawn Island. To unlock this island, you must be an A class/rank. To train there however, you must have at least 10 Qa stats of any type excluding speed. Also, like any other islands, there is a chest in the Lost Sea Island called the Deep Sea Chest which will give you 7500 tokens every 7 hours you come to collect it. For more info about classes/ranks and chests, please click here for classes/ranks or here for chests.

Here is a list of all the training zones in Lost Sea Island.

Training Zones - Strength

Training Zones - Endurance
  • The Dolphin Ring (100M Endurance Multiplier) - 10 Qa Endurance
  • The Shark (3B Endurance Multiplier) - 25 Qi Endurance

Training Zones - Psychic
  • The Monument (100M Psychic Multiplier) - 10 Qa Psychic
  • The Jellyfish (3B Psychic Multiplier) - 25 Qi Psychic

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