The Main Island is an island in Super Power Fighting Simulator. It is the starting point of all new players in the game, and the spawn location is from the Laboratory. There is the main island containing the city, which is connected to the docks island through the bridge.

There are a total of 17 training areas on the Main Island which range from requirements of 100 to 500M Endurance, Strength, or Psychic.

Training Zones - Strength
  • Rock (x2 Strength Multiplier) - 100 Strength
  • Gym (x5 Strength Multiplier) - 1K Strength
  • Car (x20 Strength Multiplier) - 10K Strength
  • Forklift (x100 Strength Multiplier) - 100K Strength
  • Meteor (x750 Strength Multiplier) - 5M Strength
  • Crystals (x10K Strength Multiplier) - 500M Strength

Training Zones - Endurance
  • Hospital (x2 Endurance Multiplier) - 100 Endurance
  • Gym (x5 Endurance Multiplier) - 1K Endurance
  • Warehouse (x20 Endurance Multiplier) - 10K Endurance
  • Cargo Ship (x100 Endurance Multiplier) - 100K Endurance
  • Lava Pit (x750 Endurance Multiplier) - 5M Endurance
  • Acid Pool (x10K Endurance Multiplier) - 500M Endurance

Training Zones - Psychic
  • Library Floor 1 (x5 Psychic Multiplier) - 1K Psychic
  • Library Floor 2 (x20 Psychic Multiplier) - 10K Psychic
  • Sewer (x100 Psychic Multiplier) - 100K Psychic
  • Golden Tree (x750 Psychic Multiplier) - 5M Psychic
  • Lighthouse (x10K Psychic Multiplier) - 500M Psychic


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