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The Menu contains most of the content available to the player inside Super Power Fighting Simulator.

There are 2 menus, one on the left (Main Menu) and one on the right (Secondary Menu), and while the first grants access to the functions that allow the players to strengthen themselves, the second is used to access other secondary functions connected directly or indirectly with the gameplay.

Main Menu

The Main Menu hosts 4 different categories, in order from top to bottom:

  • Shop Menu
  • Quests Menu
  • Stats Menu
  • Upgrade Menu

This menu is always visible, and is where most of the upgrades for the player are situated.

The 4 categories of the Main Menu, as seen on the screen of a PC user.

Shop Menu

The Shop menu contains all the offers available with Robux, while also containing the timers for the different Boosts.

From this menu it is also possible to gift to other players tokens, offers and boosts.

There are a total of 5 sections:

  • Tokens, which allows the player to buy one of the main currencies with Robux. 6 offers are available in this shop:
    • 19 Robux Icon.png► 5K Tokens Icon.png
    • 89 Robux Icon.png► 25K Tokens Icon.png
    • 249 Robux Icon.png► 75K Tokens Icon.png
    • 829 Robux Icon.png► 250K Tokens Icon.png
    • 1649 Robux Icon.png► 500K Tokens Icon.png
    • 3199 Robux Icon.png► 1M Tokens Icon.png
  • Gems, which allows the player to buy the other main currency with Robux. There are 6 offers, which show different values based on the Fusion of the player and the Transformation they have equipped:
    • 19 Robux Icon.png► 25K Gem Icon.png
    • 89 Robux Icon.png► 125K Gem Icon.png
    • 249 Robux Icon.png► 375K Gem Icon.png
    • 829 Robux Icon.png► 1.25M Gem Icon.png
    • 1649 Robux Icon.png► 2.5M Gem Icon.png
    • 3199 Robux Icon.png► 5M Gem Icon.png
  • Boosts where the player can both buy different amount of time for different boosts or see the time remaining to them:
    • x2 Power
      • +15 minutes (99 Robux Icon.png)
      • +1 hour (199 Robux Icon.png)
      • +5 hours (399 Robux Icon.png)
    • x2 Luck (get more powerful items)
      • +15 minutes (99 Robux Icon.png)
      • +1 hour (199 Robux Icon.png)
      • +5 hours (399 Robux Icon.png)
  • Passes, which grants to players the access to useful power-ups in the form of Gamepasses:
    • Conceal Power (399 Robux Icon.png): "Allows you to disguise as a noob or pro!"
    • VIP (399 Robux Icon.png): "Gives you 1K Tokens and 5K Gems every 15 minutes, x2 Code Rewards and VIP Chat Tag!"
    • Auto Train (199 Robux Icon.png): "Allows you to train automatically!"
    • Bounty Hunter (199 Robux Icon.png): "Allows you to join any player in game and hunt them down for their bounty!"
    • Multi Chest (599 Robux Icon.png): "Allows you to open 3 chests at once!"

  • Offers, where limited offers appear based on the last update. Currently there is a total of 5 different offers, which are limited to 1 per account:

Quests Menu

The Quests Menu shows all the active quests available to the player.

It is divided into 3 sections:

Stats Menu

The Stats Menu shows an overview of your player's info, the stats show depend on the dimension the player is currently into.

Earth Dimension

Outer Space Dimension

Beside every multiplier there is a + sign that allows to increase the corresponding multiplier through tokens.


Upgrade Menu

The Upgrade Menu allows you to access different multipliers, based on how far in the game you are.

There are currently (v12.0) 4 sections:

  • Rank: shows the current class with its badge, the boosts given by the class and the requirements for the next class, with a PROMOTE button to upgrade to it,
  • Fusion: shows the current fusion with an image of the creature you are fused with, the boosts given by the fusion and the requirements for the next fusion, with a FUSION button to upgrade it,
  • Transform: shows the current transformation, a little 3D model of it and the boosts it gives. Beside there is a SHOP button that allows to buy new transformations or equip the one already possessed from three different sections (Main, Halloween, Winter),
  • Ancient Item: shows the current Ancient Item equipped, the boosts given by the items currently obtained and two buttons, SHOP to buy Chests and Chest Boosts, ITEMS to equip and sell the items in your possession.

Secondary Menu

The Secondary Menu hosts secondary functions inside the game, with a total of 6 sections:


This menu shows a small interface that allows the user to input codes, which allows them to obtain small rewards to help them through the gameplay.


This menu allows the customization of the user's experience, for more info please look at the Settings page.


This menu shows a list of all the available Skills, with their current keybind and a brief description. Unobtained skills will be shown with a "???" instead of the name.

Skills obtained through events will show a different colour compared to the normal gray one. As of v12.0 it is possible to find:


Through this button it is possible to transform into the transformation currently equipped, or to go back to the normal avatar if already transformed.

Outside of possible side-effects due to the different sizes and shapes of the various transformation, there are no other effects activated by this action.


In this menu the player will have access to everything related to the Bounty mechanic. There are a total of 4 sections:

  • Bounties: shows on the right the list of all the bounties of the players on the current server, with avatar face and name, and on the left data regarding the player's bounty history (current Bounty Tokens, current bounty, highest bounty, total bounty collected and highest county collected),
  • Shop: this section allows the player to access the Bounty Shop, allowing them to claim daily rewards at the price of bounty tokens,
  • Hunt: this section allows players with the Bounty Hunter gamepass to join a specific player in their server (if they are not in a private server the user hasn't access to) to try and get their bounty,
  • Top Bounties: Here the player can check the 100 highest bounties, with a focus on the top 3 ones.


These menu hosts the player's Artifacts, allowing them to see where to obtain them and, once collected from the bosses, look at the boosts given by them.