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Mini Chest

Mini Chests are miniaturized versions of the normal Chests that spawn across the map and give the player Gems.

They spawn randomly around the map in many locations every 2.5 minutes and grant a decreasing number of Gems for each new chest opened, starting from 4.75K and decreasing all the way to 0, with a decrease of 250 Gems for every chest opened, but both the initial amount and the decrease are influenced by Gem multipliers (with the exception of those granted by Artifacts). As such, every day a player can open a total of 19 chests, with a total gain of 47.5K Gems at maximum each day.

The number of Gems received is affected by your Fusion, the Transformation you have equipped and the Gem boost given by the completion of the Time Played Goal, so this means that at most a player can obtain, considering Dragon Fusion, Pumpkin God transformation and Time Played God, can obtain a grand total of 20 039 062 Gems.

Between 0 and 2 chests are spawned when a new server is generated, and after that they spawn in groups to reach a total of 3 or 4 at each time; the location can be on Main Island or on one of the other islands, but the locations chosen are fixed and picked from the list below.

Once spawned, the chests don't change until they are picked up, but when the date changes (00:00 UTC) the chests despawn and are spawned in different positions after the usual spawning countdown.

Spawning Locations

There are currently 12 spawning locations for the Mini Chests, spread throughout the map (except Sky Island)

- Main Island

  • Near the 100 Strength rock
  • Behind the 1K Strength and Endurance gym
  • Near the 100K Strength construction zone
  • On the roof of the 100 Endurance hospital
  • In front of the 100K Endurance cargo ship
  • Behind the 500M Psychic lighthouse
  • Behind the fountain near the lighthouse
  • On the meteorite under the bridge of the 5M Strength meteorite.

- Desert Island

  • Behind the pyramid near the 30T Strength Sphinx statue

- Lost Sea Island

  • On the front deck of the shipwreck

- Robot Island

- Ninja Island

  • Under waterfall next to the 100Dc Psychic pagoda