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Multiverse Ruler is the penultimate (second last) available Rank a player may obtain as of v12.0.

Players who obtain Multiverse Ruler Class receive the Multiverse Ruler Badge. To reach Multiverse Ruler, the player must obtain a total power of 2.7Tvg, which is approximately 180K times the power required for Universe Ruler (the previous rank).

Players are recommended to improve their stat multiplier or the multiplier granted by the Ancient Items to achieve a satisfactory progression rate. The power multiplier from Multiverse Ruler compared to Universe Ruler is x1K more (100T → 100Qa). The token multiplier is x16.

Once a player reaches this rank, they will be able to train in the 8.2QaVg Training Zone (the strongest trainng zone), being able to train approximately x133 faster.


The badge representing the Multiverse Ruler is a shield coloured by a shade of gold with a lighting bolt.

There are three pairs dots. They are in the bottom, in the top-left, and in the top-right. They are all facing towards the lighting bolt. There is also a pair of three dots on the left of the lighting bolt and a pair of three dots on the right of the lighting bolt.

This rank shares the same badge colours with the Universe Ruler and the Omni ranks.


The aura for Multiverse Ruler is much like a cosmos. It is composed of 4 elements:

  • The colours red, orange, yellow, and green surrounding the hands of the player.
  • Blue and indigo smoke around the player.
  • Yellow rays coming out of the player.
  • White sparkles all around the player.


  • Of all the players (For reference, the ones that obtained the F-Class badge), approximately 0.002% of the player population has reached this rank. (As of March 18th 2021)