The Ninja Island has training zones that are much better than the Main Island, Desert Island, Lost Sea Island and Prison Island. However, you must have a X-class/rank or higher to unlock the island and at least 100 Dc stats of any type (Strength, Endurance or Psychic) to train at this island. And like all islands, the Ninja Island has a chest called the Ninja Chest which will give you 15,000 tokens every 7 hours you come collect it.

Here is a list of all the training zones in the Ninja Island.

Training Zones - Strength

Training Zones - Endurance

Training Zones - Psychic

  • The map of the Ninja Island is the only map to have a different themed portal than the other islands.
  • Ninja Island is the only island to explicitly name all of its training zones in the form of signs.

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