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Omni is the last available Rank a player may obtain as of v12.0.

Players who obtain Omni receive the Omni Badge. To reach Omni, the player must obtain a total power of 100 QiVg, which is approximately 37 M times the power required for Multiverse Ruler (the previous rank).

Players are recommended to improve their stat multiplier or the multiplier granted by the Ancient Items to achieve a satisfactory progression rate. The power multiplier from Omni compared to Universe Ruler is x10K more (100Qa → 1Sx). The token multiplier is increased by 1, reaching a total of x17 (425 Tokens a minute).

Being the last rank, there are no new training zones available to Omni players.


The badge representing the Omni class is a shield coloured by a shade of gold with a crown.

There are three pairs dots. They are in the bottom, in the top-left, and in the top-right. They are all facing towards the crown. There is also a dot on the left of the crown and a dot on the right of the crown.

This rank shares the same badge colours with the Universe Ruler and the Multiverse Ruler ranks.


The aura for Omni is very heaven-like, as it is mainly yellow. It is composed of 3 elements:

  • Yellow sun-like rays coming out of the player.
  • A neon-yellow light surrounding the player.
  • Very faint yellow smoke surrounding the player.


  • Of all the players (For reference, the ones that obtained the F-Class badge), approximately 0.0004% of the player population has reached this rank. (As of March 18th 2021)
  • In the testing phase of the Outer Space Dimension update, the Omni requirement was originally 10 QiVg.