Ranks (or Classes, as called sometimes by players and Inferno) are one of the two major power levels, together with Fusion, that a player can encounter when playing in Super Power Fighting Simulator.

Ranks distinguish players in different categories based on their total power, and for them to be promoted to a next rank it is required to surpass a certain threshold of total power and then promote through the Upgrade Menu.

Ranking up will reset all the stats of the player to 0, while maintaining all their multipliers and obtaining the rank-specific bonuses:

  • A badge representative of the rank over their character's head (Unless player has bought the Conceal Power gamepass).
  • A different Aura, or an Aura, (If players rank up/get to E-Class),
  • A multiplier to all the player's stats,
  • An increase on the gain of Tokens, (Not occurring on Immortal-Ruler Of Time and Universe Ruler-Multiverse Ruler)
  • Access (in a few cases, like S-Class) to a Fusion,
  • Access (in a few cases, like C-Class) to a new Island.

When a player ranks up, they are teleported back in front of the Laboratory on the Main Island, inside the safe-zone and a gold server-wide announcement in the chat window appears in the following format:

[Username] just ranked up to [Class], congratulations!

All Available Ranks

As of v11.0, there are 19 different ranks, spanning from 0 to 100 QiVg total power.

In the next table an overview of all the ranks is available. For more information about a particular rank, visit the page for it by clicking on the name of the said rank.

Rank Badge Power Requirement Stat Multipliers Token Multiplier
F-Class F-Class.png 0 x1 x1 (25 tokens/min)
E-Class E-Class.png 1 M x2 x2 (50 tokens/min)
D-Class D-Class.png 50 M x4 x3 (75 tokens/min)
C-Class C-Class.png 10 B x10 x4 (100 tokens/min)
B-Class B-Class.png 5 T x35 x5 (125 tokens/min)
A-Class A-Class.png 1 Qa x100 x6 (150 tokens/min)
S-Class S-Class.png 1 Qi x500 x7 (175 tokens/min)
SS-Class SS-Class.png 500 Sx x2.5K x8 (200 tokens/min)
SSS-Class SSS-Class.png 400 Oc x10K x9 (225 tokens/min)
X-Class X-Class.png 4 Dc x100K x10 (250 tokens/min)
Y-Class Y-Class.png 400 Ud x750K x11 (275 tokens/min)
Z-Class Z-Class.png 3 Td x9M x12 (300 tokens/min)
XYZ-Class XYZ-Class.png 3 Qui x100M x13 (325 tokens/min)
Legend Legend.png 1.3 Spd x2B x14 (350 tokens/min)
Immortal Immortal.png 90 Spd x40B x15 (375 tokens/min)
Ruler of Time RulerofTime.png 8 Ocd x1T x15 (375 tokens/min)
Universe Ruler Universe Ruler.png 15 Uvg x100T x16 (400 tokens/min)
Multiverse Ruler Multiverse Ruler.png 2.7 Tvg x100Qa x16 (400 tokens/min)
Omni Omni.png 100 QiVg x1Sx x17 (425 tokens/min)
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