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Reputation is a feature which tells people if a player is either good or evil and can be obtained if a player kills any other player.

There is positive reputation, and negative reputation. Positive reputation is always some form of light color, and Negative reputation is always a darker color. Positive reputation is earned by killing players with a negative status (Outlaw-) and Negative reputation is gained by killing players with either a neutral status (Innocent) or a positive status (Savior+).

Reputation titles can be obtain depending on how high or low your reputation is and can be shown over your head. You can also join in the server leaderboards where players compete for the reputation status of their account.

You can get some transformations for reaching: Defender (gives x1.25 Endurance), Superhero (gets +1 reputation per evil kill), Crook (gives x1.25 Strength) and Supervillain (gets -1 reputation per innocent/good kill).

When you have some reputation and you get killed, you will lose all your killstreak, but only half of your reputation, rounded down to the lowest number (so if you have 65 rep, when you get killed you will get 32, because 65/2=32.5 and it rounds down to 32).

Positive Reputation Status

Reputation Status
10000 God Status (High Quality Version).png
2500 Light Status (High Quality Version).png
1000 Peacekeeper Status (High Quality Version).png
250 Angel Status (High Quality Version).png
75 Superhero Status (High Quality Version).png
25 Officer Status (High Quality Version).png
7 Defender Status (High Quality Version).png
1 Savior Status (High Quality Version).png
0 Innocent Status (High Quality Version).png

Negative Reputation Status

Reputation Status
-10000 Devil Status (High Quality Version).png
-2500 Darkness Status (High Quality Version).png
-1000 Destroyer Status (High Quality Version).png
-250 Demon Status (High Quality Version).png
-75 Supervillain Status (High Quality Version).png
-25 Assassin Status (High Quality Version).png
-7 Crook Status (High Quality Version).png
-1 Outlaw Status (High Quality Version).png

Reputation Gain

Killing someone with a status gives a different amount of reputation based on their status only.

Status Amount of Reputation obtained
God -240
Light -120
Peacekeeper -80
Angel -40
Superhero -20
Officer -10
Defender -5
Savior -2
Innocent -1
Innocent (reflection)* +1
Outlaw +2
Crook +5
Assassin +10
Supervillain +20
Demon +40
Destroyer +80
Darkness +120
Devil +240

*When an innocent hits someone with a physical attack (fist, Energy Blast, Energy Punch) and dies through reflected damage if the other player has x10 more endurance compared to the innocent's strength.

Special Statuses

Other than the statuses regarding reputation, there is one other status (v2.1) granted only to a particular set of players.

Status Condition Distinguished Recipient
Supreme Owner (High Quality Version).png Only given to xbutterflies xbutterflies (Co-owner of SPFS)
Image not available.jpg Given to artists or developers that help with the development of the game.
  • Avatar_Korra (Skills Designer)
  • Txmpest_Dev (Map Designer)

P.S. If you know any special statuses other than this, please update this section.