Ruler of Time is the 16th and fourth highest available Rank a player may obtain as of version 10.0.

Players who obtain Ruler of Time receive the Ruler of Time badge.

To reach Ruler of Time, the player must obtain a total power of 8 Ocd, which is approximately 89 times the power required for Immortal (the previous rank). Players are recommended to improve their stat multiplier or the multiplier granted by the Ancient Items to achieve a satisfactory progression rate. The power multiplier from Ruler of Time compared to Immortal is x25 more (40B → 1T). However, the token multiplier remains the same at x15.


The badge representing the Ruler of Time is a shield coloured by a light shade of purple with three stars in a downward pointing triangular shape.

The two upper vertices of the badge and the lower one present cones with curved sides that point to a dot positioned a little higher than the cone from the base.

This rank shares the same badge colours with the Legend and the Immortal ranks.


The aura for Ruler of Time is rainbow-coloured, comprised of 4 different elements:

  • Rainbow-coloured, semi-transparent spirals on the sides of the player, which rotate outwards.
  • Rainbow-coloured flames with an upward convection towards the player's head, made with circular particles of different sizes that emit light.
  • Similar rainbow-coloured flames wrapping around the limbs, hips and shoulders.
  • Rainbow-coloured rings, which emerge at random intervals from the player's torso that rotate and slowly shrink, becoming progressively translucent until invisible.

Increasing the graphics quality from the ROBLOX settings menu will increase the fidelity of the aura elements, as well as the opacity of the translucent elements.


  • Ruler of Time was the highest rank possible to get before the Update v10.0.
  • It is recommended that players have an ancient item multiplier of at least 300+, as well as a 17.7B stat multiplier to progress towards this rank at a reasonable rate.
  • Although reaching Ruler of Time doesn't grant additional training zones as of version 3.5, the rank is essential for completing the "God" Goals requiring 1 Nod power.
  • Ruler of Time has the widest aura of all the ranks.
  • Of all the players (For reference, the ones that obtained the F-Class badge), approximately 0.00014% of the player population has reached this rank. (As of March 1st 2021)
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