Skills are a fundamental mechanic in Super Power Fighting Simulator. Without skills, players wouldn't be able to perform many actions in the game.

As of game version v11.0, a total of 23 skills are implemented in the game.

Each skill has unique effects, allowing players to use these skills for offensive/utility purposes. These may be categorised as:

  • Offensive: These skills deal damage to other players/enemies.
  • Utility: These skills provide enhanced mobility or other non-combat effects.
  • Passive: These skills are always active and don't require the player's input to function.

For more information about each skill, please refer to their page by clicking on the name of the skill in the table.

List of Skills in Super Power Fighting Simulator (Game Version v11.0)
An asterisk (*) indicates a skill that was obtainable via an event.
Skill Name Stat Skill Type Keybind Preview
Punch Strength Offensive Left Click

(Strength tool equipped)

Invisibility Psychic Utility T
Energy Blast Strength Offensive R
Damage Reflection Endurance Passive None

(Always active)

Walk on Water Speed Passive None

(Toggled via the settings menu)

Teleport Speed Utility V
Flying Speed Utility Space bar


Energy Punch Strength Offensive F
Soul Harvest Psychic Offensive B
Shapeshift Psychic Utility X
Laser Vision Strength Offensive G
Infernal Aura Psychic Offensive Z
Exploding Clone Endurance Offensive Y
Lightning Force Psychic Offensive U
Meteor Shower Strength Offensive M
Corruption Barrage Strength Offensive 8
Ring of Frost Strength Offensive 9
Incinerate Psychic Offensive 0
Reaper's Harvest* Psychic Offensive C
Skeleton's Curse* Psychic Offensive K
Icicle Barrage* Strength Offensive H
Frost Breath* Strength Offensive J
Wind Dash* Endurance + Speed Utility/Offensive N


  • As of v11.0, Psychic is the stat with the most skills with a grand total of 9 skills, followed by Strength with 8, Speed with 4, and lastly Endurance with only 3 skills, one of which (Wind Dash) is also a Speed skill.
  • In the Outer Space Dimension, the displayed skill damage on players/enemies is the sum of different damage values dealt within a small timeframe. This may explain the strange values seen when specific skills are used in combination.
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