The Space City is the initial location where the player finds themselves when reaching the Outer Space Dimension through the portal on the Main Island.

This location represents a technologically advanced metropolis and is the main hub for all the Outer Space Dimension. From here the player, if the requirements are met, is able to reach all the three planets of this dimension:

In this city it is also possible to encounter Astro, the main quest-giver for the Outer Space Dimension (Currently in development).

Map for the Space City, as seen on the interactive map in the Hangar.


The Space City is inhabited by high buildings and skyscrapers, decorated with neon light of the three primary colours (red, yellow, blue), and connected through a vast number of roads and a monorail system.

The roads divide the city in blocks, but while in the inner parts the city presents almost solely buildings (aside from small parks), the outskirts of it present the local nature, a pale greenish-gray grass with purple trees and a few small lakes or rivers or a pink liquid.

Around the city, trellis transfer power to light up both the houses and the street lights, while above it is also possible to see various spaceships and asteroids.

There are various particular buildings throughout the city:

  • The Hangar (safe zone and location of Astro)
  • The Portal Area
  • Different Training Zones
  • The Arena (currently only decorative)
  • The Gym (currently only decorative)

Hangar (Safe Zone)

An image showing the entrance to the initial area for the Outer Space Dimension, an hangar hidden inside a mountain.

Overview of the Hangar.

The Hangar is the place where the players spawn when reaching the Outer Space Dimension or when teleporting back to the city from another planet.

This area is in the east part of the Space City, and hosts many important features.

First of all, this is a safe zone, therefore players cannot use attacks or be damage until they reside inside it (up until the red line outside the entrance).

Here the player will also meet Astro, the main NPC of this dimension, that will assign to the player the Astro Quests.

On the side of Astro, two Chests are available, the Space Chest and the Space Group Chest, and beside the Space Chest it is possible to the player to access an interactive map of all the areas of the Outer Space Dimension just by clicking (or tapping on mobile) on the name of the sections.

One the opposite side, the player is able to see the leaderboards for all the different categories, from left to right:

  • Most Intelligent Superhumans (highest Psychic)
  • Strongest Superhumans (highest Endurance)
  • Deadliest Superhumans (highest Strength)
  • Most Enemies Defeated
  • Most Bosses Defeated
  • Most Powerful Superhumans (highest Total Power)

Training Zones

There are 6 training places in the Space City.

The first tier of training zones give a x90B multiplier, while requiring 10Sp to train there.

The second tier gives a multiplier equal to x75Qa, needing 150Td power to grind there.

While these training zones have the exact same multipliers and requirements of the ones on Earth, they allow the player to train in the Outer Space Dimension and therefore access easily the Enemies.

Portal Area

This area hosts all the portals that grant access to the different parts of the Outer Space Dimension, while also giving to the player the opportunity of returning to Earth.

There are 4 portals in total:

  • Earth Portal: big blue portal, decorated with sparkling stars on top and two rockets on the sides, allows the player to reach the Main Island on Earth.
  • Corrupted Forest Portal: a purple portal, with purple trees on the sides and a big floating rock on top of it, circled by a pink ring. It allows the player to reach the Corrupted Forest, but requires Gryphon fusion.
  • Glacial Outpost Portal: a light blue portal, with ice spikes and snowy trees decorating the sides, has a floating rock above it with a white ring and snow on the ground in front of it. It allows the player to reach the Glacial Outpost, but requires Yeti fusion.
  • Volcanic Ruins Portal: a red portal, with two pillars on the side, small lava rivers, golden skulls and mini volcanoes on the floor in front of it, is also decorated with a floating rock on top, which is circled by a red ring. It allows the player to reach the Volcanic Ruins, but required Reaper fusion.


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