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Statistics, or Stats for short, are powers that the player can train in order to become stronger and improve Skills.

Currently there are 4 stats in the game which, other than making the player stronger, allow them to complete Quests. To increase them it is necessary that a player does one of 4 things, based on the stat that one is training:

  • Punch (equip Strength tool and left click/tap) to train Strength,
  • Do a push-up (equip Endurance tool and left click/tap) to train Endurance,
  • Meditate (equip Psychic tool) to train Psychic,
  • Move (running) to train Speed.

Players can also train their stats faster by using Training Areas, which multiply the amount gained but require a minimum amount of that stat to use them.

These stats play a major part in combat and traveling across the map.

Strength Icon

Strength is one of the four main stats in the game. It determines how much damage a player can deal physically. Strength can be trained by using the "Train Strength" tool. If the tool is used in a Strength Training Area, the player will receive a higher amount depending on the amount of multiplier that area has. Strength abilities such as Energy Blast and Energy Punch deal more damage and change color once the player surpasses a certain amount of strength.

Training Areas - Strength

Training Area Location Stat Requirement Multiplier
Beside the Laboratory 100 Strength x2
Punching Bag
Gym 1K Strength x5
Bridge 10K Strength x20
Main Island 100K Strength x100
Main Island 5M Strength x750
Secondary Island 500M Strength x10K
Desert Island 50B Strength x120K
Desert Island 30T Strength x3M
Giant Pearl
Lost Sea Island 10Qa Strength x100M
Lost Sea Island 25Qi Strength x3B
Small Robot
Robot Island 10Sp Strength x90B
Space Station
Space City 10Sp Strength x90B
Rock Giant
Robot Island 5N Strength x2.5T
Ninja Training Zone
Ninja Island 100Dc Strength x75T
Ultimate Dojo
Ninja Island 6Dd Strength x2.25Qa
Blue Star
Sky Island 150Td Strength x75Qa
Space City 150Td Strength x75Qa
Red Star
Sky Island 150Qui Strength x3Qi
Orange UFO
Corrupted Forest 40Spd Strength x3.3Qi
Pink UFO
Corrupted Forest 3Ocd Strength x3.6Qi
Icy Planet
Glacial Outpost 900Ocd Strength x300Qi
Big Yellow Star
Glacial Outpost 63Vg Strength x30Sx
Molten Rock
Volcanic Ruins 4Dvg Strength x7.5Sp
Fire Planet
Volcanic Ruins 8.2QaVg Strength x1Oc

Endurance Icon

Endurance is one of the four main stats in Super Power Fighting Simulator. It is a measurement of the amount of strength damage a player can handle.

Your health points correspond to 10 times your Endurance.

Increase your Endurance by either doing a pushup with the "Train Endurance" tool, or by simply standing in a training area for Endurance.

Training Areas - Endurance
Training Area Location Stat Requirement Multiplier
Main Island 100 Endurance x2
Main Island 1K Endurance x5
Secondary Island 10K Endurance x20
Cargo Ship
Secondary Island 100K Endurance x100
Main Island 5M Endurance x750
Acid Pool
Main Island 500M Endurance x10K
Desert Island 50B Endurance x120K
Sand Tornado
Desert Island 30T Endurance x3M
Dolphin Pool
Lost Sea Island 10Qa Endurance x100M
Great White Shark
Lost Sea Island 25Qi Endurance x3B
Neon Rock
Space City 10Sp Endurance x90B
Cogs Island
Robot Island 10Sp Endurance x90B
Laser Arena
Robot Island 5N Endurance x2.5T
Spike Pit
Ninja Island 100Dc Endurance x75T
Fire Pit
Ninja Island 6Dd Endurance x2.25Qa
Sky Island 150Td Endurance x75Qa
Poison Chamber
Space City 150Td Endurance x75Qa
Sky Island 150Qui Endurance x3Qi
Corrupted Forest 40Spd Endurance x3.3Qi
Pink Acid
Corrupted Forest 3Ocd Endurance x3.6Qi
Water Vortex
Glacial Outpost 900Ocd Endurance x300Qi
Icy Planet
Glacial Outpost 63Vg Endurance x30Sx
Molten Lava
Volcanic Ruins 4Dvg Endurance x7.5Sp
Evil Portal
Volcanic Ruins 8.2QaVg Endurance x1Oc

Psychic is one of the four main stats in the game. As of game version 2.1, there are 5 Psychic skills: Invisibility, Soul Harvest, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, and Infernal Aura. Psychic can be hard to train at the start as there are no areas for 100 Psychic unlike Strength or Endurance. However, the psychic skills provide flexibility between offensive and defensive playstyles at the player's discretion.
Training Areas - Psychic
Training Area Location Stat Requirement Multiplier
Library (Floor 1)
Main Island 1K Psychic x5
Library (Floor 2)
Main Island 10K Psychic x20
Secondary Island 100K Psychic x100
Golden Tree
Main Island 5M Psychic x750
Light House
Secondary Island 500M Psychic x10K
Desert Island 50B Psychic x120K
Desert Island 30T Psychic x3M
Ocean Temple
Lost Sea Island 10Qa Psychic x100M
Lost Sea Island 25Qi Psychic x3B
Robot Island 10Sp Psychic x90B
Psychic Altar
Space City 10Sp Psychic x90B
Robot Island 5N Psychic x2.5T
Meditation Area
Ninja Island 100Dc Psychic x75T
The Waterfall
Ninja Island 6Dd Psychic x2.25Qa
The Golden Hard
Sky Island 150Td Psychic x75Qa
Psychic Core
Space City 150Td Psychic x75Qa
Ancient Ruins
Sky Island 150Qui Psychic x3Qi
Power Plant
Corrupted Forest 40Spd Psychic x3.3Qi
Wizard Tower
Corrupted Forest 3Ocd Psychic x3.6Qi
Frozen Altar
Glacial Outpost 900Ocd Psychic x300Qi
Water Stand
Glacial Outpost 63Vg Psychic x30Sx
Fiery Island
Volcanic Ruins 4Dvg Psychic x7.5Sp
Dark Planet
Volcanic Ruins 8.2QaVg Psychic x1Oc

Speed Icon

Speed is one of the 4 stats in Super Power Fighting Simulator and it increases Walk speed, Jump Power, and Flying speed.

Currently, it does not have any training areas, therefore, if the player wishes to get more speed, they can only do so by upgrading their Classes/Ranks, Fusion or Multiplier. Both speed and jump power can be customized in the setting tab under the menu.

Speed is one of the objective of the 9 categories of Goals, giving as a boost an increase of training power, from 7.5% (1 B speed) up to 37.5% (1 Dd speed), meaning that speed is the stat that grants the higher boost from goals.

The maximum Custom Speed is 158 while the maximum Custom Jump is 325 (without transformations).

There are 4 transformations that can increase these values

Transformation Speed increase Jump increase
Buff Noob +25 (183) +25 (350)
Ninja +50 (208) +75 (400)
Forgotten Knight +70 (228) +100 (425)
Frostbite Knight +125 (283) +175 (500)


  • Before the introduction of goals, speed was considered useless to obtain after a few Trillions, as the speed and jump power was capped after that.
  • The distance of the Teleport skill is based on the speed stat, reaching its maximum (1750 studs) at 1 Qua.
  • Speed is the only stat that is not affected by Ancient Items.
  • A famous bug allows to train speed without walking or flying by activating one of the training tools (only for Endurance and Psychic) while running.

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