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    Peterhuga Peterhuga 5 days ago



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    YasiNxxWolF YasiNxxWolF 7 days ago

    Can a new educator come

    • can a new educator come or is this just a statue.....
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    K00gieS K00gieS 8 days ago

    I am noob

    • 1 Lol wus gud wichu bad spelling bad grammar 0 P.R. 0 earning lol.
      • 1.1 Thy my gaming schedule ;) and m…
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    Welcome to the Super Power Fighting Simulator Wiki new user

    About the Game

    Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game developed by GamesReborn and xbutterflies.

    The objective of the game is to train your body, fists, mind and speed in this ultimate training game!. Unlock new skills, reach powerful ranks, team up with friends, venture to new islands & much more! You can also open chests to obtain ancient items which can help speed up your training!

    This game has free VIP/Private servers!


    Cryo98 Cryo98 14 days ago

    Official Date released!

    People complained, chaos run amok and speculations grew stronger and stronger...

    But finally a ray of light, we have an Official Release Date!.

    Around 2AM UTC, xbutterflies posted a message on the Official…

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    Cryo98 Cryo98 24 days ago

    News about the Update and New (Old) Admin!

    Only a week until the possible release date (still remember that this is not an official date but only supposed, so it might be wrong) and a few new informations have been spread around, both from our…

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    Latest Update Content

    🚀 Update Log (v10.0) 🚀

    - 🚀 Added Outer Space Dimension! [BETA] → Outer Space Dimension - 👿 Added Bosses & Enemies To Fight In Space! → Bosses & Enemies - 🏺 Added Godly Artifacts! (Receive From Defeating Bosses) → Artifacts - 📜 4 New Quest NPCs In Space! → NPCs - ☄️ 3 New Boss Skills From Quests! [Coming Next Update] - 🏋️‍♂️ 24 New Training Areas In Space! → Training Areas - 🥇 New Enemies Defeated & Bosses Killed Goals! → Goals - 🔱 New Ranks & Fusions! Gain The Power Of A God! → Ranks, Fusion - 💥 Can You Be The One To Save The Outer Space Dimension? - 💰 New Limited Time Special Offers In Shop! → Shop

    - 🚀 More Improvements & Rebalancing Coming To Space Soon!

    About the Wiki

    The Super Power Fighting Simulator Wiki is an expanding wiki. Here, you can find all sorts of information about the game, including items, ranks, skills, training and codes in the game!
    Since the creation of the wiki, 214 articles have been created, 8,255 unique edits have been made, and 1,132 files have been uploaded. It would be amazing if we can get your help! We are looking for people who know a lot about FANDOM Wikis and/or SPFS!


    The Discussions tab is the best place to discuss the game, as well as talk about ranks, leaderboards, and game bugs! You could also post some of your ideas on how to improve this wiki as it is nowhere near perfect!

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