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This page will lead you inside this wiki, be it to start to know it or to know what you can do here.

I am new, where do I start?

  • If you are new to wikis, I suggest you to look at the Help section of Community Central.
  • If you already know your way around wikis, you might want to come and say hi in Discussion.
  • You might like customizing your profile page, take inspiration from other users or from the User Customization page.
  • Check the Rules & Guidelines of this wiki.

I want to help but I don't know how

  • Check between the incomplete articles, these pages still need a lot of work before being completed.
  • Look at the pages we are missing, you might find something on which you can help.
  • Look at a random page and check it, you might find grammar errors or a way to make things clearer.
  • With new versions of the game coming out often, updating the content from the outdated articles will be of great help for the community.

P.s.If you need help with anything, feel free to write on the message wall of one of our Administrators or Moderators

I only want to know people and talk

  • Then you will definitely like our lively Discussion, where you can talk about anything.
  • Look at the comment section of your favourite pages and answer to a few of the comments left by the other users.
  • Discuss about a specific article in its talk page.
  • Talk in your personal blog about anything.

Other random stuff that can be done

Community Projects

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