This page contains rules and guidelines on how to behave inside this community and how to edit pages. If you want to know how the wiki works and how to help us in making this wiki better, check the Getting Started page or the Contributing page on the Fandom's wiki.

The Fandom Community has a wiki that can help you with anything related on how to use a wiki, so if you have further questions about the wikis in general, try to search if someone already asked something similar in that wiki.


1) Be kind and polite when talking to others. Even if you think something is dumb, it might not be for someone else.

2) Don't ruin others' work, this means both vandalizing a page or deleting edits of others without giving a satisfying reason.

3) You need to be 13+ to edit and comment, this is a policy made by Fandom itself, the staff won't hunt down users who are younger than this age, but if something happens and one of the people involved is under this age restriction, we will have to ban said account from this community.

4) Don't publish false information, this can be done without malice as not everyone knows everything, but this is a place of knowledge, and if this action is repeated the staff will have to take actions.

5) If you are not sure about something, ask. Admins and moderators, but even other members are here to help you, so don't be afraid to ask.

6) No swearing, using censored words is ok, but using full swears and cusses is prohibited, as this site is used by a lot of young people.

7) No joke edits on the official articles, it is possible to joke in the talk section of every article, in the comments or in the discussion, but please avoid changing articles themselves for the sake of a joke.

8) Keep both comments and posts PG-13, be it both media or text, we don't allow mature content on this site.

9) Use common sense, not everything that it is not possible to do is included here, but apart from this rules, don't do what you wouldn't do in real life or in any other online community.

N.B. Rules can be added or modified at any time based on the current situation of the wiki, so be sure to check this page from time to time.


N.B. these penalties are only a guideline, the admins will decide what to do case per case. Furthermore, repetition of the breaking of rules will lead to an increase of severity of the act, which corresponds to an increase of the penalty.

  • Swearing, cussing and insults → Verbal warning
  • Vandalization of a page → From 3 days to 3 weeks block (depends on the severity)
  • Block or ban evading → Depends on what the precedent penalty was
  • Trying to obtain personal data, scamming or non PG-13 content → From 2 weeks to permaban


The guidelines are a line of behaviour for the users to follow to maintain the current look of the wiki.

If you want to suggest any modification for both the guidelines or the administration, feel free to post a suggestion in the Wiki Suggestions discussion category.

Editing Guidelines

When editing a page, be careful of following the next set of guidelines, although this doesn't mean that personalization on how a page is handled is to be forbidden, so it is possible to diverge a little from this guidelines.

To have a better understanding on how the pages need to be done, just check other pages inside the wiki.

  • The articles need to be serious. Jokes are more than welcome, but only in the correct pages, the articles are made to inform other people that need knowledge, so if you want to joke about something feel free to do it in the comment section of the page, in the talk page (beside the edit page, in the menu opened by the arrow) or in the discussions.
  • Tables and infoboxes are useful, so try to use them to summarize data. A good example of table used to summarize can be seen in the Fusion page, while a nice example of infobox can be seen on the Reaper's Harvest page.

For more info about how to make tables and infoboxes, check this page (tables) and this page (infoboxes) from the community of Fandom.

  • Separate parts of an article. Headers are a good way to separate parts of an articles, so be sure to differentiate by topic when you are talking about something (ex. Ancient Items).

For more info about headers and text formatting, check this page.

  • Make it as clear as possible. We need to make it possible to anyone to read, remember that there are a lot of people who don't have english as their first language, and can find it difficult to read complicated articles.

P.S. If you would like to make a wiki in a different language, feel free to contact one of the Administrators of this wiki.

  • Make useful categories. Try to use the same categories that you find in other correlated pages, and add new ones only if truly needed.
  • Be sure about what you edit. If you think some pieces of information are wrong, before changing it be sure of it, if possible try to screenshot or record proof of it and publish it inside the comments, else say why also inside the comments and add a request for proof in the discussions, other users will help you.
  • Spoilers need to have at the very least a notice. As to keep users that want to discover new updates by themselves protected from spoilers, be sure that, if a part of the article contains spoilers, this is hidden behind a spoiler wall and correctly pre-announced by a Spoiler notice.
  • Don't be afraid of creating new pages. If you think a new page is needed for a certain topic, feel free to create one, even a blank one that can be filled later by other users is alright. Don't exploit this by making tons of useless pages, because that is considered as vandalizing the wiki, and will be punished as such.
  • If you want to add a template like the infoboxes but you don't know how, feel free to ask in the discussions, else if you already know how to make one go ahead, the templates are controlled by our Moderators but are free to make/use.

Moderator Guidelines

Moderators have the important role of keeping under control the community, making sure that the rules are respected.

They can decide how to punish users and if listen to requests of un-block or un-ban, therefore they have the decisional power and they have the final say regarding moderation discussions.

For both Content and Discussions moderators it is necessary to follow the following guidelines:

  • Never abuse your power. A moderator is a person trusted by the admins, and therefore needs to meet the expectation of them. Abusing their power will lead to a demotion to normal user, and will compromise future applications.
  • Follow the directives from the admins. If an admin decides to take a different course of action instead of the usual one, the moderator has to follow to directives, but if they think those are not justified they can contact one of the other admins to report the situation.
  • Be active. This doesn't mean a 24/7 availability, but even a fast check every 1-2 days* to control that nothing that could majorly compromise the wiki has happened. Being inactive for long periods of time can lead to demotion if the admins were not warned in advance.

*The time-span between checks should be based on the current activity of the wiki.

  • Be as fair as humanly possible. People trust your decisions, therefore if there is a dispute try to be as fair as possible, without preferring one side to the other. Blatant siding could bring a warning, and in the worst cases a demotion.
  • Always give a reason. If a certain action is taken, please take the time to explain to the user what happened and why that decision was taken. An user could be seeing things from a different perspective, so explaining will make the things more clear and help that user to avoid certain actions more effectively.
  • Assume good faith. If an action is taken by a user, assume it was done in good faith unless proven otherwise, therefore before giving penalties to said user, try to establish the reasons behind the action.
  • Moderators can suggest other Moderators. If someone distinguished themselves for their actions, a moderator could suggest to an admin to promote the user. From there the admins will look into the case and decide whether to welcome or not the request.

For more info on how to manage a wiki, check the Community Management page and the Advanced page on Community Central.

Admin Guidelines

Admins need to oversee the wiki as a whole, dealing with the administration of moderators and users and ensuring that the unseen part of the wiki works correctly.

As an admin has responsibilities, they have to follow the next set of guidelines:

  • Be impartial into decisions. Similar to what a Moderator has to do, an Admin needs to be as impartial as possible, as the consequences of their decision will be considered directly dependent on their actions.
  • Never abuse power. Again, similar to what a Moderator needs to follow, but in this case it is even more important as the power given to an admin is more. An abuse in power could lead to a demotion or even to a ban if the situation requires a certain degree of action.
  • Moderators are not slaves. Being an admin doesn't mean that moderators have to do all the work, keeping an eye for unpleasant situations and to make sure that moderators do their work is part of an admin duties, therefore a lack of action is considered an error for both the moderator and the admin that is overseeing in that moment.
  • Try to improve the wiki without ruining it. The wiki has various scripts and templates that work behind the scenes and which can be accessed by admins, therefore it is important to test and be sure of what you are doing.
  • Ask to other admins. Before taking major decisions about something regarding the wiki, ask the opinion of other admins, else all the responsibilities of said actions will weight on the admin that took them.

For further information on how to manage the wiki as a whole, check the Help page on Community Central, while to check more about script and additions to the wiki check the Developers wiki.

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