Frame used to separate parts of text, can have title or id (for JavaScript and CSS purposes).


    | id= element id (useful when using CSS or JS on the element).

    | class= element class (useful when using CSS or JS on the element).

    | width= sets the width of the element (default "95%").

    | backgroundColour= colour for the background (default "{{SECONDARYCOLOUR}}").

    | borderColour= colour of the border (default "{{MAINCOLOUR}}").

    | title= phrase to be shown on the top part of the element.

    | titleSize = sets the font-size of the title (default "5em").

    | textColour = changes the overall colour of the text (default "default").

    | content= content shown inside the element.

    | centered= when true, centers the content (default "false").



Title Example
This is an example of the Frame2 template usage
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