You earn tokens from training, quests, chests, codes and more or from the shop for Robux! Use tokens to upgrade your training booster and much more in the future!

—In-game description of the Tokens

The token icon, as seen in the GUI of the game.

Tokens are the main currency in Super Power Fighting Simulator. They are used to purchase multipliers, but may also be used to buy some Transformations or increase the Luck & Speed boosts for the Ancient Items.

For every minute* that passes in-game, the base rate of 25 tokens is added to the player's balance. The actual amount scales up with the player's rank and can receive a boost through transformations, goals and in rare cases also artifacts.

It is also possible to obtain tokens directly. This can happen by collecting Chests, using valid Codes, defeating Enemies, completing Quests, or by buying them in the Bounty Shop for Bounty Tokens or in the Shop for Robux.

*This is affected by the currency time boost obtained by completing the Tokens Goals


Each rank increases by 1 (except Ruler of Time and Multiverse Ruler) the multiplier applied to the base rate of tokens earned

Class Token Gain
F-Class 25 Tokens Icon.png/min (x1)
E-Class 50 Tokens Icon.png/min (x2)
D-Class 75  Tokens Icon.png/min (x3)
C-Class 100 Tokens Icon.png/min (x4)
B-Class 125 Tokens Icon.png/min (x5)
A-Class 150 Tokens Icon.png/min (x6)
S-Class 175 Tokens Icon.png/min (x7)
SS-Class 200 Tokens Icon.png/min (x8)
SSS-Class 225 Tokens Icon.png/min (x9)
X-Class 250 Tokens Icon.png/min (x10)
Y-Class 275 Tokens Icon.png/min (x11)
Z-Class 300 Tokens Icon.png/min (x12)
XYZ-Class 325 Tokens Icon.png/min (x13)
Legend 350 Tokens Icon.png/min (x14)
Immortal 375 Tokens Icon.png/min (x15)
Ruler of Time 375 Tokens Icon.png/min (x15)
Universe Ruler 400 Tokens Icon.png/min (x16)
Multiverse Ruler 400 Tokens Icon.png/min (x16)
Omni 425 Tokens Icon.png/min (x17)


There are also a few transformations that increase the number of tokens gained each minute, most of them being event-related.

Transformation Bonus Amount
Golden Guardian +10%
Forgotten Dragon +15%
Eternal Lord +12,5%
Halloween Lord (Halloween Event) +10%
Skelemancer (Halloween Event) +10.31%
Hellfire Skeleton (Halloween Event) +12.5%
The Sinister One (Halloween Event) +20%
Celestial Overlord (Halloween Event) +25%
Pumpkin God (Halloween Event) +30%
Festive Ninja (Winter Event) +10.25%
Festive Ruler (Winter Event) +12.25%
Festive Valkyrie (Winter Event) +12%
Ice Golem (Winter Event) +13.5%
Peppermint Penguin (Winter Event) +17.5%
Festive Spirit (Winter Event) +22.5%
Almight Ruler (Winter Event) +27.5%


Players are also able to gain a percentage boost on the tokens earned by completing goals from the quests completed category.

Boost Requirement
+2% 20 quests
+4% 100 quests
+6% 500 quests
+8% 2,000 quests
+10% 10,000 quests
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