x2 Winter Tokens boost is active!
All the Winter Tokens you gain (except from Quests) are doubled!

Winter Tokens are here for the Winter Event! You can get Winter Tokens every minute, from Chests, Holiday Pass, Santa Quests and more! Winter Tokens can be used to purchase exclusive event transformations and ancient items as well as competing in the Winter Event Leaderboard!

—In-game description of the Winter Tokens.

Icon for the Winter Token, as shown in the GUI.

Winter Tokens are a limited-time currency added for the Winter Event in v5.0. The amount of Winter Tokens that a player has can be seen in the upper part of the GUI, being the third currency shown from the left.

This currency can be obtained once each minute, as a reward from the Holiday Pass, as a reward from Santa Quests, from Golden Gifts or from the Winter Chest, but it can be doubled thanks to the x2 Winter Tokens boost available in the Boost Shop or as a reward from Anubis' Quests.

They can be used to both buy the Festive Chest, which contains items from the Winter Set, or to buy a few Transformations from the Winter Event.

Normal Gain

Each player gains 500 Winter Tokens each minute (affected by currency time), which can be increased by some of the transformations available:

  • Elf (x1.5 Winter Tokens → 750 WinterToken.png)
  • Reindeer (x2 Winter Tokens → 1K WinterToken.png)
  • Snowman (x3.5 Winter Tokens → 1.75K WinterToken.png)
  • Festive Ninja (x8 Winter Tokens → 4K WinterToken.png)
  • Festive Ruler (x12.25 Winter Tokens 6.125K WinterToken.png)

Golden Gifts

A Golden Gift (on the right).

It is also possible to obtain them by left clicking (or tapping for phone/tablet users) on a Golden Gift, which will award the player with 1K WinterToken.png. This reward can also be increased with transformations:

  • Santa (x3 Winter Tokens from Golden Gifts → 3K WinterToken.png)
  • Frostooth (x5 Winter Tokens from Golden Gifts → 5K WinterToken.png)
  • Festive Valkyrie (x9 Winter Tokens from Golden Gifts → 9K WinterToken.png)

N.B. At most 100 Golden Gift can be opened each day.

Winter Chest

The Winter Chest waiting to recharge.

Every 7 hours it is also possible to collect the Winter Chest on Winter Island, which grants the player 10K WinterToken.png, which are multiplied by the multiplier from the transformations that increase the gain of Winter Tokens.

Santa Quests

The Santa NPC, quest-giver for the Santa Quests.

Santa Quests, available by talking to Santa are also a way to obtain this currency, with a reward that increases with the amount of quests completed. The total reward gained with these quests is usually lower than the amount required to complete them, but this can be untrue if the player has an high enough Luck Multiplier.

Holiday Pass

It is finally possible to obtain Winter Tokens from the Holiday Pass, with a total of 575K WinterToken.png and 390 minutes (6.5 hours) of double boost from the Free Pass, and 1.86M WinterToken.png and 915 minutes (15.25 hours) of double boost from the Premium Pass.

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