X-Class is the 10th available Rank a player may obtain as of version 5.0.

Players who obtain X-Class receive the X Badge. To reach X, the player must obtain a total power of 4 Dc, which is approximately 13.3... times the power required for Gryphon (Fusion) . Players are recommended to improve their stat multiplier or the multiplier granted by the Ancient Items to achieve a satisfactory progression rate.

The power multiplier from X compared to SSS is 10 times more (10k → 100k). The token multiplier is x10. It is approximately 0.665x easier than Gryphon (Fusion)


The badge representing a shield coloured by a shade of green with a diamond in the middle.

This diamond is surrounded by dots:

  • Two dots both over and under,
  • A single dot on both sides.

This rank shares the same badge colours with the Y-Class, Z-Class, and XYZ-Class ranks.


The aura for X is Green and Blue (Aurora) coloured:

  • Light Green haze
  • Cyan haze

Increasing the graphics quality from the ROBLOX settings menu will increase the fidelity of the aura elements, as well as the opacity of the translucent elements.


  • It is recommended to have a multi of over 8 M to get the X-Class rank
  • Of all the players (For reference, the ones that obtained the F-Class badge), approximately 0.67% of the player population has reached this rank. (As of January 25th 2021)
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